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TS 5倍バーロー 31.7mm
TS 5倍バーロー 31.7mm
TS 5倍バーロー 31.7mm
TS 5倍バーロー 31.7mm

TS 5倍バーロー 31.7mm






APO Barlow 5x - 1.25"

For high magnifications, e.g. for observing moon and planets, you need to use short focal length eyepieces. These are often either very expensive or have a very narrow eye relief, making them rather uncomfortable to use.

For astro-imaging with a large magnification you can do eyepiece projection, but this offers only a limited sharpness throughout the photographical field.

The TS Optics APO Barlow lens is the ideal alternative for both applications.

Fields of Use:

The large magnification factor 5x turns for example a 25mm Plossl eyepiece into a 5mm eyepiece, while retaining the comfortable eye relief of the longer eyepiece. This is very comfortable for observing planets.

For high magnification astro-imaging, e.g. for webcam imaging of the planets, you could use eyepiece projection photography. The better alternative is the 5x Barlow lens because it offers a better field sharpness than typical eyepiece projection. Experience shows that for planetary imaging an effective focal ratio of f/25-f/30 is ideal. As a result this Barlow is the perfect match for most Newtonian telescopes.

The Lens Element

The three-element Barlow lens is fully multi-coated for a bright and high contrast image.

Magnification Factor 5x - visual use
Optical Layout 3 element APO design (air-spaced)
Coating Fully multi-coated
Blackened Lens Edges GescYes. For suppression of internal reflections.
Mechanical Quality All metal design. Short length
Clamp Mechanism precise lock by brass compression ring

Scope of Delivery

-- 5x APO Barlow Lens, 1.25"
-- plastic dustcaps on both sides


販売価格 8,905円(本体8,095円、税810円)
型番 TSB51


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