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TS 31.7mmスリーブ用双眼装置
TS 31.7mmスリーブ用双眼装置
TS 31.7mmスリーブ用双眼装置
TS 31.7mmスリーブ用双眼装置

TS 31.7mmスリーブ用双眼装置






TS Optics Binoviewer - for comfortably using your telescope with both eyes!
... for 1.25" eyepieces. Can be used on most telescopes with 1.25" adaptation.

Binocular viewing is widely considered much more comfortable than viewing with one eye. This is especially true during longer observing sessions. Usually the eyes will quickly tire and you will no longer see as much detail as the telescope would be able to show you. Often, especially on the moon and planets, you will see more detail and with much more observing comfort than with single eye observing.

Advantages of Binocular Observing:

-- relaxed observing for long periods without straining or tiring your eyes
-- enhanced visibility of details
-- many users also report a perceived three-dimensional effect that makes objects look more natural

Binocular observing of nebulae and star clusters:

The most common use of binoviewers is for observing the moon and the planets. One of the reasons for this is that on some telescopes it is difficult to achieve a low magnification, so some objects will not fit into the field of view. But there is also the opinion by some people that a binoviewer is generally not suitable for deep sky observing. The main reason stated to explain this is that the light that enters the binoviewer is split 50/50 for both eyes. The theory may be sound, but we nonetheless do not agree: You will be surprised how much you can see on deep sky objects through a binoviewer! The sky's background will get darker and the brain works wonders in overlaying the two images in your mind in order to produce a brighter than expected impression even of faint objects! Add to that the additional comfort of observing with both eyes and the perceived three-dimensional effect and you will see that binoviewers are indeed ideal also for deep sky observing!

TS Optics Binoviewer - Features and Specifications:

-- new improved design with 23mm clear aperture
-- multi-coating on all glass to air surfaces for optimum transmission and clarity
-- eyepiece clamps with self-centering locking ring
-- precise collimation
-- precisely machined mechanical body
-- short optical length. Only 100mm
-- 1.25" telescope connection with filter thread
-- weight: Only 525 grams

Scope of Delivery:

-- TS Optics Binoviewer
-- Dustcaps for all three ends
-- Case

Can I use the TS Binoviewer on my telescope?

Essentially the binoviewer can be used on any telescope which accepts 1.25" eyepieces. However it does consume about 100mm optical length, meaning that in many telescopes you will need to use a glass path corrector in order to reach a focused image.

In straight through vision the binoviewer can be focused in most refractors that work with a 2" star diagonal.

Many Maksutov-Cassegrains and virtually all Schmidt-Cassegrains have sufficient focusing range so that you will usually not need a glass path corrector.

In Newtonians, in refractors that only work with a 1.25" diagonal or in almost any refractor when you wish to use the diagonal along with the binoviewer you will need a glass path corrector. Most refractors work with the TS 1.6x glass path corrector. Newtonians usually require the 2.5x glass path corrector.

Image: The optional 1.6x glass path corrector

Useful accessories ......................................... see "recommended accessories":

-- TS GWK 1 .......................................... 1.25" glass path corrector
-- 1.25" star diagonal with 99% reflectivity
-- recommended eyepieces for binoviewers
-- cleaning tools


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型番 TSBinoansatz


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